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Baila Conmigo

For us, dance is a lifestyle!

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The great love for salsa has created a school Salsa Baila Conmigo in 2008. For us, salsa is not just a dance, it is our lifestyle. We are not just dancing, we hang out, we party and travel together.

That is the unique feeling that we want to share with you. Through simple lessons, lessons filled with fun and laughter, we will help you become a great player, and you are not going to notice it.

Why salsa?

Good for Health

In our classes you will look forward to forget the stress. Salsa burns calories, increases coordination and flexibility.

A lot of socializing

You will meet a lot of new, interesting people. Salsa knows no boundaries, all people are welcome.

A lot of events

Salsa will make you leave the house . We constantly organize parties, seminars and gatherings.

Saves money

You will not find so many quality entertainment for so little money anywhere.